Mentors: a mental mess

What is the worst thing…? People pretend. People pretend that they understand you, they pretend that empathize with you, they pretend by relating their similar life experiences with yours. And because you are young, in college and immature you believe them. You believe them because they showed up at your home the day your mom passed away and told you, you can treat them as your mother now. But mothers don’t make fun of their children behind their backs and neither should mentors. It is a devastating blow to the student’s self confidence and how he/she learns to perceive the world at a vulnerable age.

You effectively gave the only helping hand to them in one of the most trying periods in his/her  life only to make fun of them to fulfill your quota of entertainment and satisfy your personal insecurities.

Here is the brash truth which I am still trying to find in all of this.

But one thing I take away is shattered trust on people who are not your immediate family and an unrelenting thirst to prove myself and come out on the top.

I tried to imagine what my mother would have said to me and the reply I got was “the fact is you are a bit unusual, which sometimes comes as immaturity, which you will correct with age and other life experiences. However you and I both know that when the opportunity arises you are the most mature person in the room and it is this unusualness that makes you unique. Develop yourself in a way you pretend, just not to yourself”


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